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Arctic Biosphere Atmosphere Coupling at Multiple Scales

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Work package 8: Management, training and dissemination (Leader: Dr M. Williams + WP leaders)

This WP is designed primarily to ensure a proper management of ABACUS and full integration of the WPs to achieve the project goals. WP8 also manages curation and archiving of data, training of young scientists, and widespread dissemination of ABACUSís results. The project manager (PM, Stephan Matthiesen), reporting to the PI, is responsible for WP8.

A. Project website launched, with metadata system and project database.
B. Training of post-graduates via a summer school and international workshop.
C. Archiving of project data with NERC data centres.

1. Set up annual meetings, quarterly meetings and monthly reporting systems for all WPs.
2. Monitoring deliverables, feedback on monthly reports, identification of problems.
3. Set up metadata system in consultation with WP leaders and NERC data centres.
4. Develop and maintain project website to enhance communication.
5. Set up and monitor data quality assessment and control activities for all WPs.
6. Review and update tasks and deliverables with all team members, determine critical path and high-light critical linkages among WPs.
7. Organise summer-school at Abisko, including fund raising from NERC, EU, ESF.
8. Arrange international work-shop and journal special issue.
9. Prepare data for NERC and other archives.

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