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Arctic Biosphere Atmosphere Coupling at Multiple Scales

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Field Sites: Abisko and Kevo

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The project will be focussed on two main study regions, Abisko in Sweden, and Kevo in Finland (see figure). The Abisko station (68°21'N,18°49'E) is about 200 km north of the Arctic Circle and ~385 m above sea level - the mountains reach 1991 m. The average annual temperature is −1.0°C. July is the warmest month (+11°C) and January the coldest (−12°C). Annual precipitation at the lake varies from about 1000 mm in the west to 400 mm in the east.

The Kevo research station is situated on Lake Kevojärvi, in the north of Finnish Lapland. The site (69°45'N, 27°01'E; 80 m a.s.l.) lies about 60 km north of the continuous pine forest line and belongs to the sub-arctic forest-tundra zone. The Kevo climate is less maritime than Abisko. The coldest month is January (-16°C), the warmest July (13°C); the annual mean is -2°C. The snow cover lasts on the average until May 20. Neither site is characterised by permafrost, so intercomparison of our results with data from the North American Arctic, where permafrost is common, will be vital.

In both regions, studies will focus on sampling (1) mesic/dry tundra heath, (2) sampling the second predominate land cover type (birch forest at Abisko and mire at Kevo) and (3) the gradients between land cover types. We will use a mixture of static and mobile flux sensors, linked to ground, air and satellite surveys. During summer 2006 we will visit both Kevo and Abisko to locate study sites, begin surveys, and install instrumentation. Abisko will then be the focus of the 2007 field campaign, but we will also undertake measurements there during 2006 and 2008. Kevo will be the focus of the 2008 field campaign, but we will also undertake measurements there during 2006 and 2007. Abisko and Kevo already have significant and valuable data sets, many of these data collected by consortium members and partners.

Abisko Research Station
Image courtesy of the Abisko Research Station

More information about the field sites in Abisko

More information about the field sites in Kevo

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